Y!kes - Uncanny Valley

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25 May

Y!kes - Uncanny Valley

By Abi Whitaker

'I reckon they're ones to watch live for sure'

21 May

Luna Rosa - Fear, Filth, Dirt & Death

By Sam Jaques

'Goodness shines through the murky riffs'

18 May

Queasy EP Review

By Thomas Bowes

'energetic spirit [...] breath taking numbers'

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They gave us a very nice review with some great constructive feedback which is always nice to take in and learn from! Supporting underground and unsigned music and doing a great job. Thanks Mad Alice Records!

Boston Shakers Alex Pascoe Boston Shakers

Great feedback. Despite my music being fairly non-genre specific, Mad Alice Records understood where it was coming from. They even picked up on many of the musical, lyrical and visual references, which in truth can be somewhat obscure and others often tend to overlook. It’s great that someone else “gets it”. And it’s certainly given me the spur to do more. Thanks guys!

Renegade Nation Daniel Kouble Renegade Nation