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Review: Lost Trends and Young Bulls @ Fibbers (26/04/17)

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Review: Lost Trends and Young Bulls @ Fibbers (26/04/17)

Young Bulls kicked off the evening with an extremely strong performance, if you stumbled into fibbers late you could have been forgiven for thinking you had just caught the headliner.

The duo have a staggering presence on stage, the thick guitar riffs and effortless transitions reminiscent of garage punk Audioslave have your attention 100% of the way through the set. The early crowd were a quiet bunch, but the stunning take of ‘Bulls on Parade’, featuring Ben Kitching’s impressive flow atop some tight drums, soon began to loosen them up.

Opening is never an easy job, but Young Bulls got stuck in straight away and smashed it, setting the pace for the bands to follow.


Second up was Borderline, a three piece from York whose sound comprises of synth, bass and drums to issue the crowd an electronic / synthwave / alt rock slap across the face. Borderline remind me of late 90s band The Rapture, but with a solid powerful bassline and a tempo that urges you to boogie.

With the crowd starting to warm up, singer Steve Gillies left the stage to join them, bruising his foot in the process but still managing to finish the set on stellar form. Borderline are a band to keep your eye on in 2017, especially now you can get your hands on their EP ‘The Duchess’.

Who really needs guitars anyway?


Manchester band The Jade Assembly were next up, their huge sound is getting them noticed, when you hear it in person it’s easy to understand why. 

The guys from Bolton come straight at you with big guitars and a wall of sound that subtly harks back to The Stone Roses and Oasis, but this is something of its own ilk. It’s as if the performance is headed somewhere in a haste along a funky bassline, and you’re along for the ride. Fibbers was now becoming pretty full and of course the band’s loyal following, the ‘Jade Army’, were there to enhance the already powerful atmosphere. What stands out about The Jade Assembly is their sense of purpose, they won’t be slowing down any time soon, at least not until the whole country’s socks have been rocked clean off.


Headliners Lost Trends were now up, and with them came the distinct sound and stage energy they’re becoming so well known for.

With wah pedal a plenty, the guitars combine to create a vibe that seamlessly drifts, from dreamy surf riffs to anthemic hard rock. Lost Trends really are a band you have to see live to get the full experience, they know just how to extract every dollop of energy from the crowd, something they’ve spent a long time perfecting all over the country.

The funk influences are imminently prominent, with a song rarely going by without the underpinnings of a slick bassline and even the odd bass solo to keep just about everyone happy. Whilst the bassline is critical to shaping the band’s sound, it was clear that it wasn’t necessary for it to be coming from the stage, as proven when bassist Adam joined the crowd to smash out the closing song of the evening.

This was a fantastic night in Fibbers, the bands seemingly so different on paper came together to create an evening that was consistently great fun throughout!

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