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Interview: Eight 28

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Interview: Eight 28

Here’s a new segment for the Mad Alice Records blog. You will be seeing online interviews from different bands that are trying their hardest to get big. Please go and check these bands out and support them. Today we are learning about the boys from Eight 28. Read about them down below:

Q. How did you guys meet one another? 

A. We met while studying music together at the college of music on the Isle of Wight and started Eight 28 after a previous project that we had all been in had disbanded. 

Q. How was the band name created?

A. The band name was created due to Adan (lead vocal and guitar) asking what the time was, someone then replayed 'Eight 28' and as cheesy as it sounds it felt right and so it stuck. 

Q. How would you describe the music your band creates? 

A. In short a mixed bag, heavy in your face, rough around the edges. With influences from bands like Mr Bungle (a avant garde 90s rock band fronted by mike pattern) to more current punk rock, bands like Pulled Apart By Horses, Slaves and Blood Red Shoes, but we all come from very different musical tastes so we would defiantly say it's hard to pin point one particular genre.

Q. What are some of the themes and messages that come across in your songs?   

A. We try not to attach too much of a strong meaning to our music we like people to find their own meaning in our songs as everyone perceives our music defiantly, but I'm sure there's some dark meaning somewhere in some of our songs.  

Q. What are your plans for 2016? 

A. Our plans for 2016 are to gig as much as possible and to release and write more music, which includes our 2nd music video called Hey, Man! which is in the pipeline and will be released later in the year, so keep and eye out for that. 

Q. Where can we find your social media? 

Q. Finally, if there was only one album you could listen to for the rest of your life which one would you choose and why? 

A. Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory. And the reason is because it is what inspired Adan to learn guitar and write music in the first place. Eight 28 wouldn't exists without that album. 

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