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Track Review: Adorned - [4ev3r] Th3 0n3

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Track Review: Adorned - [4ev3r] Th3 0n3

This four piece group from Bradford gives us a straight up remix of their new song. It can already be viewed on YouTube if you are interested in remixes or electronic music at all. Even though this can be seen as an electronic track the listener can hear that the band’s sound does carry through. This track offers the listener different paces of the electronic music and also different melodies with it as well. The vocals meld well into the remix and gives them a catchy element to them when working alongside the electronic sounds of the track.

Since we don’t normally review remix tracks here on Mad Alice Records it was interesting in reviewing a track such as this. If you are at all into remixes or electronic music then I would definitely recommend this track to you. If you like this track then show your support for the band by following them on their social media pages. Hopefully this band will decide to experiment more with remixing and we’ll hear their creations sometime in the future.   

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