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Introducing Alex

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Introducing Alex

What’s your name and job role?

I’m Alex and I’m in charge of production at Mad Alice Records.

What does Mad Alice Records mean to you?

It’s many things, a fresh start to running a business, a chance to meet and produce new and upcoming local music and a platform to help hone my production skills.

What do you think Mad Alice Records can bring to the music business?

I feel I can bring a fresh set of ears into the local music industry and a new and experimental approach to how to record music.

And finally, what music would you say you’re into?

I have an extremely large music taste that stretches across so many genres. My personal favourites currently are Indie, Punk and Rock.

About Mad Alice Records

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Mad Alice Records is an Independent record label that strives to support local artists and talent. We pride ourselves on being a Non-genre specific label, and aim to meet the needs of all artists. We offer a range of services, from recording and production to management and branding.