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Track Review: Bad Breeding – Remembering

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Track Review: Bad Breeding – Remembering

If you have been searching for a new gruelling punk band to get into then the lads of Bad Breeding is definitely what you’re looking for. The new track ‘Remembering’ is filled with brutal riffs, beats and lyrics rolled all into one. It has been stated, by the frontman Christopher Dodd that the song’s meaning is all about the corruption of institutional power but also the endurance that humans have even through the darkest of times. This would be a valid reason as to why there is so much passion in Dodd’s voice that sometimes the words are barely recognisable.

It may not be to many people’s tastes but then punk was not supposed to be that. As a punk enthusiast, I am glad to have received an email about this band since I believe that they are a gem. If anyone is a punk enthusiast or is just generally interested I would take the time out in listening to the track ‘Remembering’. With it’s fast-paced guitars and drum beats the whole way through the song it is sure to get energised to. With the interesting subject matter in the lyrics as well it’s definitely a song to ponder over and become opinionated about.

As I’ve stated above, this track is definitely worth a listen if you are at all interested and I believe the band are worth a follow. The lads will be embarking on their UK tour at the end of April so if you are interested in their music then please go and support some up and coming talent. All the details are listed on their social medias and website.

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