Album Review: Siobhan McCrudden - Icarus Girl

Hannah Petch / 19-01-2019

Album Review: Siobhan McCrudden - Icarus Girl

  • Hannah Petch
  • 19-01-2019

Siobhan McCrudden’s debut album Icarus Girl is all kinds of beautiful. For those of you who have heard her previous single The Mermaid in your Glass you’ll know that she has a beautifully haunting voice.

The opening track Cassiopeias Chair is a perfect example of her exquisite skill and talent; it is a stunning track that immediately transports you to an imaginary fantastical world. This is followed by the track Following You which demonstrates McCrudden’s gorgeous vocals. She has an extraordinarily unique voice that you cannot help but listen to. This track, along with The Mermaid in your Glass, fall perfectly into the category of Folk Noir that McCrudden’s tracks have been previously described as.

Not only are the vocals divine, McCrudden has a fantastic skill and flair on the guitar, the instrumentals on each track fit perfectly with the lyrics. A particular favourite of mine is The Forest. A more upbeat track, the lyrics and vocals are hauntingly captivating. Once again, I feel transported to another world filled with magical enchantment. As well as being a wonderful musician, McCrudden is also a wonderful storyteller. All of the tracks on this album tell a story and, as listeners, we follow these stories and go on this journey with her.

One track that really stands out is Iron Goddess. This track feels particularly haunting, with lower tones and a more mellow beat. Again we are taken on another captivating journey as the lyrics tell a deeply fascinating story.

The title track Icarus Girl is simply beautiful. Still sticking within the folk noir genre, this track at the start has a bit more of a country vibe to it. It feels like the perfect song to play as you drive down a long and winding country road with your hair blowing in the wind. I think that is the key aspect of this album, all of the tracks feel like they could be a soundtrack for a hugely successful film, or nordic noir TV show.

Overall, to put simply, this album is just beautiful. Siobhan McCrudden is a singer/songwriter based in Cardiff, she started her singing career playing the coffee circuits of New York before playing larger gigs in both America and the UK, she has a wealth of talent and experience and her debut album proves it.

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