Dom Patrick EP Review

Ben Ambrazaitis / 03-04-2019

Dom Patrick EP Review

  • Ben Ambrazaitis
  • 03-04-2019

When I first listened to this EP, it came across like a one trick pony. However, after revisiting it a coupl ofe times it turns out to be a dark horse.

The image, the guitar, the jumper – they all scream Ed Sheeran. The songs themselves do sound a lot like his style, which worried me. It worried me because I came in with the seen it, done it, loved it attitude which meant Dom has a lot to prove… and he certainly did.

After listening to Brother a third time, a narrative appears in the LP which is very rare to see in the modern day. I wouldn’t call this a concept album. Through the lyrics and his voice singing various parts, it comes across truthful, almost biographical like a memoir.

‘Brother’ has a slow melody, the song begins off the story with Dom losing his brother. The lyrics ‘hear my call, calling to you’ show how much Dom wants to be with his brother. His vocal styling also suggests this, some points he is almost howling like a wolf for a response. The second song, ‘call on me’, is more an explination of why he wants his brother to be there. Dom sings about trying to remember his past with his brother and how with this he can - ‘Find a way back home’. This song is very heartfelt as you come to realise its likely mortality has took its part in taking his brother. The idea is suggested more so in the song ‘Home’, Dom sings in a higher tempo and register, and the song does have a happy ending of finding the love lost from his brother and finding it in his partner. It’s a relatable song for the audience, singing a lot about how he wasn’t the best at childhood - ‘sorry for how I used to be, all grown up don’t take much time to see’ and as you grow older you do question why you needed to have an outburst over small things. The song doesn’t take away from his brother though, with the lyric ‘whenever I go home I think of you’. The song ‘Moonlight’, though it’s not the most rememberable song, the lyrics ‘fairy tale come to an end’ capture a more damming realisation that his brother isn’t coming back and Dom has to face reality.

Overall, this is a strong effort by Dom Patrick. It’s very rare to come across an EP that has a story structure and whilst it lacks any tempo you do feel the emotions from his singing and the power that comes through his guitar playing. It isn’t the more happy of EPs but definitely worth a listen.