Jerry Interview

Hannah Petch / 09-05-2019

Jerry Interview

  • Hannah Petch
  • 09-05-2019

How would you describe your style of music?

We would describe ourselves as a post-punk group, but mainly we get called ‘alternative’

How did the four of you end up forming a band?

Well three of us met in our first year of university and started doing small shows together. After a while, we started looking for a drummer and were put in contact with our current one the day before a show - this resulted in a very stressful first practice. Haven’t looked back since.

Which musicians inspire you?

Varies from person to person, I would say the band’s main influences are: Parquet Courts, Omni, Velvet Underground, DUDS and Television. On the other hand, our individual influences range from artists like Foals, Mac Demarco and The Strokes.

What can fans expect from your upcoming tour?

Big tunes and bigger gigs.

What is your writing process like, do you write the music or the lyrics first?

Music comes first - we like to spend a while getting the song instrumentally to where it needs to be and then add lyrics last. Songs often take shape over time as we gig with them more and gauge how they are received.

What is your favourite thing about being in a band together?

Music and mates - and beer.

What is your favourite venue to perform in?

At our house, drunk, at 1am.

What is your dream venue to perform in?

Glastonbury - main stage obviously.

What would your three desert island discs be?

2 - Mac Demarco, Multitask - Omni and Marquee Moon - Television.

How can fans stay up to date with new music releases and gig news?

Hit up the page on Facebook ( and insta (@jerryband) or follow us on Spotify.