Josh Lobley EP Review

Charlotte Anderson / 11-05-2019

Josh Lobley EP Review

  • Charlotte Anderson
  • 11-05-2019

Chapters, the latest release from singer-songwriter Josh Lobley, is an EP made up of five feel-good folk tracks reminiscent of the work of Frank Turner. Josh Lobley is a solo musician from Shrewsbury looking to enjoy the journey of music through his work. The EP is filled with tracks perfect for playing live and enticing audiences to sing-along and enjoy themselves. The tracks within are people-pleasing anthems with rememberable lyrics and upbeat, lively, acoustic instrumentation.

The namesake first track of the album fuses story-time folk and new acoustic, creating a track perfect for performing and listening to live. The catchy acoustic instrumentation combined with easy to remember lyrics allow the audience to participate and enjoy the music in full. The next track, Awake or Dreaming, continues with this vibe by bringing the mundane to life, enticing the listener with relatable situations and soft acoustic folk. Fans of Noah and the Whale or Mumford & Sons would feel right at home listening to Lobley’s EP, its warm blend of exciting riffs and simple melodies creating a familiar tone for the listener to enjoy.

The simple melody and instrumentation within Still Wish You Were Here bring a personal feel to the track, although in parts this song songs rough and unfinished. Despite this, it is still enjoyable to listen to. Day to Day brings back the storytelling easy-listening folk characteristics from earlier in the album, nicely tying the EP together with What I Miss, an upbeat retelling of recognisable situations and experiences. The tracks throughout the album do sound somewhat similar which may become repetitive in the form of an album, but as a stand-alone EP this works well to weld the individual songs together in order to produce an EP which sounds whole.

Chapters is filled with material consisting of acoustic and upbeat instrumentation, heartfelt lyrics regarding familiar situations and ensured room for audience participation and enjoyment. The contrasts in mood are very well handled and do not feel out of place, allowing the EP to feel like a tender expression of Josh Lobley’s own experiences throughout his life. Altogether, the EP creates a rhythmic, driving atmosphere perfect for live performances.

You can listen to Chapters on Spotify now! You can also find Josh Lobley on most major social media platforms.