Queasy EP Review

Thomas Bowes / 18-05-2019

Queasy EP Review

  • Thomas Bowes
  • 18-05-2019

Embodying the spirit of Manchester, Punk Rock band Queasy has released an electrifying new EP erupting with clear cut vocals and explosive riffs that leave listeners awestruck. Having toured around the UK as a supporting band to groups like Idles, Hands Off Gretel, Avalanche Party, Bloody Knees and Ask My Bull at festivals and gigs, Queasy recently struck out by themselves with a collection of three exhilarating singles, each of which showcases a formidable new source of rock.

The first of these breath-taking numbers, and my personal favourite, “Jackdaw” opens the EP with a bang, mixing defined lyrics with a stunning riff punctuated by frenzied drums, all of which never fail to get my foot moving. If there was a way to open an EP this is it. Hard, sharp, electrifying rock. Brilliant.

This same energetic spirit continues into their next single, “Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes” with some equally awesome guitar work. The style of vocals switches up in this number with a more Corey Taylor vibe compared to the echoes of an almost Axl Rose style heard in “Jackdaw”, but this doesn’t stop those assertive lyrics from being any less dynamic. This range of vocals shows not only the talent of the vocalist but the numerous approaches to the energy of Punk the band is willing to take. “Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes” is also accompanied by a monochrome music video that chaperones the volatile riffs with Kaleidoscopic imagery of the band’s menacing faces looming in on the camera, completing the daunting rock vibe of the passionate single.

As the EP switches to the last single, it brings you to an unexpected drop in tempo, drawing you in before a build-up of energised rock with just as much bold attitude as before. With this single taking another route of rock it’s obvious that, despite each of these numbers being punk rock, Queasy are not afraid of experimental decisions to use different methods to achieve powerful music and this daring way of thinking is conveyed obviously in the unapologetic electricity that makes up their music.

Queasy is a four-piece example of what passionate rock should sound and feel like. With this EP they bring a respectable amount of power to the genre of Punk Rock and their music informs the world of their potential with vocals that scream ambition and an imposing flare of guitar proving they possess the capability to back that ambition up.