Blind Generation - New single ‘Stand Up’

Thomas Bowes / 15-03-2019

Blind Generation - New single ‘Stand Up’

  • Thomas Bowes
  • 15-03-2019

The only proper word to describe Blind Generation, a new two-piece punk band, is passion. Having released their debut single ‘Stand Up’ earlier this year, their unmistakable inspiration ensures that they have an air of gravity, allowing them prominence in today’s music scene.

‘Stand up’ possesses a strong, defiant guitar paired with a vigorous drum beat, which provides the ideal kindling under the real draw of the song (and band as a whole): the fiery impassioned vocals reminiscent of Mike ‘Mike D’ Diamond and weighty lyrics.

With an underlying social message, the song and the band itself is a response to recent events occurring in the UK and world as a whole. With a single called ‘Stand Up’ the bands views couldn’t be more obvious as they put their voices through their music to inspire others about the importance of being vocal about your beliefs.

I for one am looking forward to the direction this new band takes and hope to see them perform live, letting the public of York hear the inspiration Blind Generation wants to give them.