Review: iZombie

Leah Cooper / 24-06-2018

Review: iZombie

  • Leah Cooper
  • 24-06-2018

I’m usually not a fan of any TV show or film that involves zombies, but iZombie is a witty crime TV series that anyone can enjoy. It all starts with Liv Moore who was just living her normal medical life, goes to a boat party and gets scratched by a zombie. Liv was pressured into going to this boat party with a colleague of hers at the time. A drug which creates chaos for whoever consumes it, was passed around on the boat. An outbreak broke out when this drug was mixed with a high energy drink. Everyone turned psychotic and started to feed and that’s when Liv was scratched by a zombie. She helps Detective Babineaux solve crimes by eating the victim’s brains. By doing this she will inherit the personality and moods of this certain person and act like them for a few days until the brain wears off. This is an incredible trait for zombies, but Liv has had some crazy and depressing brains throughout all four seasons. Some of these brain moods can be unpredictable but hilarious.

Alongside Liv, is her colleague who also works in the Morgue (where Liv works) Ravi is her best friend and tries to help find a cure for zombieism. He has tried many times and succeed but the cure always went to someone else other than Liv. But throughout season 4, Isobel – who is a sick child that was brought into the zombie world through Renegade – was a test patient for Ravi. They had developed a friendship like no other and when she passed, it struck the characters hard as well as the viewers. She was immune to becoming a zombie and that’s because she is the cure for zombieism. Ravi’s love life has also taken a rocky road much like Liv and Major’s relationship. Ravi fell in love with Liv’s best friend and roommate, Peyton. They fell in love and have been on and off for a while, but they are back on and I couldn’t be any happier for them. Liv and Major on the other hand, no so much. They were on and the off. Got into relationships with other people, joined the opposite forces to which each disagreed with and they’ve currently just shared a kiss. BUT it was under an old couple’s brain.

Liv has taken on the role of becoming Renegade. This is a zombie that is secretly smuggling in sick or important humans into the zombie land. The Renegade is to surrender to the Filmore Graves (an Army full of zombies trying to get rid and counteract more zombies being created). When she does, she is to be executed in front of the public and she will be named and shamed. But what will Filmore Graves do? Major is a part of this Army. Can he watch his beloved sweetheart be executed in front of his eyes? Will he let it happen? We’ll know when the next episode is out