Review: Ru Paul’s Drag Race

Leah Cooper / 17-06-2018

Review: Ru Paul’s Drag Race

  • Leah Cooper
  • 17-06-2018

Ru Paul created this reality competition show in 2009 and many drag performers have made an appearance. Some have gone on to have their own spin off shows and in season 10, the mother decade of the show, some queens have come back for judging, choreography and a special guest appearance in the first episode. In season 9, Eureka O’Hara injured herself in a cheerleading challenge which left her out of the competition. Now she’s back in this current season and has strutted her way to the top 5! Showing more of her personality and what she has got to give, the comedic queen has done a brilliant job in strutting her way to be in the top 5. She has had some struggles along the way with getting along with other queens, the Vixen for example. The Vixen is known for her political drag style. The feud between Eureka and The Vixen had an impact on some of the queens, as well as the viewers. The Vixen in my opinion is someone whose drag was very different but her personality and attitude stinks. The anger she had towards how the black community is treated outside of the LGBT community, she took out on Eureka. Later within the season before The Vixen’s departure, they made a truce. Some other queens have been evicted from a lip sync with The Vixen, some I do disagree with. Blair St. Clair, a super sweet broad way queen, was told to sashay away.

There have been a few feuds in this season compared to the others, another one is Miz Cracker and Aquaria. Both queens were friendly before Aquaria accused Miz Cracker for stealing and copying her drag look. Their looks are very similar but they both learnt from each other, so picking up a few tips from each other doesn’t hurt anyone. In the very first episode, Aquaria had accused Miz Cracker behind her back of copying her eyebrows and mentioned this to the other queens.

Throughout all 10 season we hear of many ‘coming out’ stories and what its like to live as gay man in this day and age as well as going 20+ years earlier. Season 10 has the most shocking and upsetting story. Dusty Ray Bottoms, a punk rock drag queen, spoke about how her parent founds out he was gay, and they took dusty to be exorcised. Her parents are firm Catholics and to this day they don’t believe in what Dusty is.

My favourite queen of all is Kameron Michaels. She is a butch queen. Out of drag he has the best butch physique but once he gets into drag, the transformation is incredible. All the male qualities vanished, and she struts on the runway with her curves and female body. The best transformation to have happened within Ru Paul’s drag race! She is my winner, the dark horse of this competition and definitely the one to watch for. I predict she will be in the top 3 and I would be very surprised if she isn’t. This is a season that has become one of the best seasons to be aired and the final will be a shockingly good one to watch.