Singles Round Up

Bethany Gray, Rachel Colley / 04-05-2018

Singles Round Up

  • Bethany Gray, Rachel Colley
  • 04-05-2018

King’s Horses - “My Guerrilla.”

“My Guerrilla” is the latest single from Hull trio King’s Horses. The single immediately differentiates itself as an alt rock masterpiece; with grooves and resonating beats that antagonise any defined edges of the music industry. The single’s apocalyptic beginning- with its acknowledgment of Patton’s Speech to the Third Army -sets an ominous undertone, but one that’s delicately balanced with a vivacious chorus. The songs irreconcilable escapade allows the certification that ‘you subscribed to the jam’ to be entirely genuine. The tune is intoxicating; a real ‘Tune In, Drop Out’ that encapsulates a whole feeling of dynamic rebellion. An energy that, I imagine, can only be magnified during a live performance.

Bethany Gray

TalkShop - “Flowers Die”

The new single from TalkShop “Flowers Die” is prominently an indie track but with elements of dream pop dotted throughout the song. Which creep in through the guitar and vocal tone. However, even though this track does experiment with the dream pop elements it stays true to its Indie sound.

“Flowers Die” is a slow build song that can lead you into a false sense of security when you first listen to it. The song starts slow with a sprinkling of guitar riffs. Throughout the track the pace changes when the chorus kicks in and it becomes fast paced, near the end of the track there are some mini guitar solos drawing influence from the main riffs.

Along with the instrumentals the vocals change pace and pitch throughout. At the start the vocals almost have a soothing quality to them, even though the soothing quality is prevalent throughout the vocals do become passionate and louder in the chorus. Near the end they become chaotic and frenzied.

Lyrics such as the track title’s ‘Flowers Die’ and especially ‘I need handcuffs for all of my misgivings’ are definitely some of my favourites from the track. Although a lot of these lyrics do have an emo feel to them it is refreshing to hear them on the backdrop of the Indie instruments that the band have provided.

Overall, this is a solid Indie track for any Indie fan out there and it will be interesting to see how TalkShop develop with future releases. I’ll be keeping a keen ear out for any new tracks they might drop in the future.

Rachel Colley