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Track Review: Cooper BloodBand

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Track Review: Cooper BloodBand

This three piece outfit from Barnsley have released three singles which are ‘The Keepers’, ‘Dog Days’ and ‘Heap Big Medicine’. Cooper BloodBand produce a sound that is reminiscent to bands from the eighties the band does bring their own unique sound to the songs. The first song ‘The Keepers’ opens with some heavy guitar riffs and heart pounding drum beats. After this comes the uplifting lyrics when the verse starts. This style carries on throughout the song.

‘Dog Day’ opens up with a beast of a bass line that co-insides with the drum beat. This one talks of spiting someone and the confusion that comes with hating that person to that extent. This is seen through the lyrics with the layers of oppositional statements that the frontman sings.

‘Heap Big Medicine’ follows along a similar vein as to what the second song accept this time the frontman sings about the addiction of love rather than hate. However, the difference between this song and the last two is that the tempo of the song slows to half the speed than what the last two songs were at. This creates a nice change of pace and gives the listener a breather from the fast paced songs that came before it. Even though it’s a slower paced song it does not lack in entertainment value with the constant catchy lyrics, guitar solos and also the catchy drumbeats that go along with it.

Go and check out the Cooper Bloodband to hear their music and to see if they may become one of your new favourite bands. Definitely an artist to go and find out more about and follow on their social media. I’ll be interested to see where this band goes in the future.

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