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Track Review: Chris Tavener – I’m Better Than You

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Track Review: Chris Tavener – I’m Better Than You

Another singer-songwriter that should attract your attention is Chris Tavener. If lyrics soaked with sarcasm and wit interest you then you should definitely give one of his newest singles a listen ‘I’m Better Than You’. His pop acoustic guitar riffs allow the melody to gain a certain pop appeal to the track. It’s definitely one that will make the listener become involved with the melody, beat and the lyrics. Even though the lyrics are not the usual repetitive ones, with the exception of the chorus, they still ooze a certain catchiness to them. The chorus itself does not feel overused and allows the lyrics to continue telling the story without any distraction. This shows the clever skill and craftsmanship that Tavener uses when creating his lyrics for his songs.

Listen to the song ‘I’m Better Than You’ down below with Tavener’s official video for this song. When you’ve finished listening to the song then definitely go and check out his other music on his YouTube and search for his social media. Go and support this upcoming and great singer-songwriter by showing your support with a like and a follow. It will certainly allow you the pleasure of being able to access the news and music of your most likely new favourite singer-songwriter artist.


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