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Here at a Distance - Casee Wilson

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Here at a Distance - Casee Wilson

Casee Wilson is a singer-songwriter hailing from the city of York that released her latest album last year in October. This is the fourth release from Wilson and it shows that this is a songwriter that knows where she is going in her career. This album is filled with positive and motivational messages in her lyrics. Along with this the melody adds different paces throughout the album. This is because Wilson uses her voice and piano skills to create crescendos throughout the album. This is noticeable in the songs such as ‘Thank You’ and ‘The Gin Song’ in which she uses her voice to create the tempo of the music.

Songs that I would highlight would include ‘Battlefield’ and ‘Rubbish Fairy Tale’. Both of these songs are highlights since the lyrics conjure up strong images with the metaphors that she uses.

Overall, this album gives the listener a unique experience with Wilson’s voice and musical skills. The album emits a soothing sound for the listener, which can be a calming sensation for the listener. I’d suggest that you check this talented lady out on her BandCamp. Go and support the lovely lady on her Facebook to keep up to date with future releases and opportunities to see her performing live. Thanks for reading and I hope you have discovered some new music that you will enjoy listening too.

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