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Review: Darren Ellis - Twenty Something

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Review: Darren Ellis - Twenty Something

Darren Ellis hails from the City of Bradford and is a singer-songwriter who brings along with him his blues and folk sound that appears on his new re-released albumĀ  ‘Twenty Something’. However, even though this album can be placed within the Blues and Folk genres I believe that this album includes other genres such as pop. This album offers the listener a lot that includes genre and lyrics.

Ellis offers the listener his melancholy but also positive messages and thoughts throughout this album which discuss the topics that every twenty something year old thinks about. From topics such as the simple but beautiful love songs to questioning life choices and the future. There’s no doubt that Ellis can create songs with meaning and relatable lyrics for the audience that he is targeting. Even though this album could potentially have many listeners of all ages there is strong messages in the album that would attract young adults to this music.

Some of the songs that I would personally highlight off this album would be ‘Let Your Hair Down’, ‘Twenty Something’, ‘Make Your Own Luck’ and ‘My Girl’. This album definitely entertains the listener throughout. So, if you are interested in checking out a new singer-songwriter then I would suggest giving this album a try, which you can find on Ellis’ BandCamp. It’s definitely worth a listen and Ellis would be worth following too to see how much he develops as a musician in the future.

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