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Review: A Dead Forest Index

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Review: A Dead Forest Index

I was on my third coffee when I sat down to review A Dead Forest Index’s ‘In All That Drifts From Summit Down’. Absolutely buzzing, my eyeballs about to pop out of my skull, I pressed play. I was immediately surrounded with more ‘Oohs’ and ‘Aahs’ than a firework display. ‘Tide Walks’, the first song on the album, somehow reached its delicate fingers through my stressed, caffeinated haze and pulled me back to tranquillity.

Brothers Adam (vocals/guitar) and Sam Sherry (drums/piano) show unique restraint, denying listeners a clichéd chorus but maintaining a build-up of tension. For the majority of ‘In All That Drifts From Summit Down’ the climaxes are drawn out, spread even further through the instrumental tracks ‘Swims Out’ and ‘Myriad’. This is most clearly demonstrated ‘In Grey The Water’, in which the experimental drums and slow, haunting vocals create a melancholy landscape. I can imagine this album being played in the background of a post-apocalyptic videogame – or the X Files. The songs evoke thoughts of long car journeys and panoramic establishing shots.

My highlights of the album are ‘Tide Walks’, ‘No Paths’ and ‘Myth Retraced’. The main vibes I got from the songs were chilled, spooky and experimental. This might not be a fantastic album for the gym, but it is absolutely perfect for rainy days.

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