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Track Review : Ghost – Oddity

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Track Review : Ghost – Oddity

This trio hailing from Chicago have just released their new track ‘Ghost’ which is on their upcoming album ‘Settle Down’ which will be out June 24th. For a song that’s length is an average 3:33 the listener is lulled into the false pretence that this is longer than it seems. This would be seen as a positive since the band pack a lot into this song.

On first listen, it does seem that the singer’s voice does sometimes become similar with that of Arctic Monkey’s frontman Alex Turner. Whether that was intentional or not is a different matter and is irrelevant since throughout the song the singer’s voice becomes his own; a unique one at that. The instrumentals in this song range from erratic riffs at the beginning along with the pounding drumbeats that start off the song, to piercing guitar solos during the middle of the song.

As it has been stated previously, this song packs a lot into a song that’s of average timing. This track is sure to be electric live on stage and a sure crowd pleaser. It will be interesting to hear their album ‘Settle Down’ to see how much of this song flows throughout the whole album. Go and check out ‘Ghost’ now on their soundcloud and go and check them out and support them on their social medias.

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