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Review: Harrison Rimmer – ‘C’ EP

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Review: Harrison Rimmer – ‘C’ EP

York local Rimmer has recently released his new EP ‘C’. While currently gaining exposure lately on his national tours Rimmer is showcasing some talented pieces of his work. This EP can not be placed into just one genre; however, it has genres such as rock, blues and even some grunge that has been thrown into the mix. With this array of genres it helps the EP to create a unique sound for itself.

At the start, we get to hear the song ‘The Wayside’ which sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Topics such as resentment, jealousy, self-doubt and home are discussed within the songs themselves. Throughout, this EP offers a very raw set of lyrics as well as vivid images in some of the songs. However, even though ‘The Wayside’ may be considered as a slow song the pace of the EP does pick up with the second song ‘Roots’ and this continues throughout the EP. This allows for a nice change in pace every so often. At the end of the EP the song ‘Scared’ offers a slow paced tune that brings the EP nicely off to a close.

This EP has a lot to offer in its package of five songs. Rimmer is a singer-songwriter that is slowly starting to make a name for himself and when you listen to this EP there will be no trouble in figuring out why that is. With the raw passion and talent that shows throughout the EP Rimmer is definitely an artist to keep an eye out for in the next year. Go and check him out on social media and have a listen to ‘C’ on Spotify or any other streaming service you may use. The EP will definitely be worth the 15 minutes of your life it will take you to listen to it. Highlights from the EP include ‘Roots’, ‘Before We Had To Grow’ and ‘Scared’.


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