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Review: Maths and the Moon – Familiar Strange

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Review: Maths and the Moon – Familiar Strange

Maths and the Moon is an odd title to come across. By far, there have been more incongruous band names, but the pure contrast sets the tone for their entire new album ‘Familiar Strange’. Releasing in May this year, the all-male band feature nine songs of gritty (and I mean gritty as in complex) music.

The songs are held together with fine woven musical strings. Watching the album preview did little to set up the music, being reminded far more of a poorly made Indie Horror Movie then an actual music teaser. And Indie made is an accurate description of the band. Listening to the music was more enjoyable than watching Hollywood horror. There is a solid beat under most songs, but I was most taken by ‘Futurist’, a low base alternative that belongs with its rock indie brothers. ‘Magic’ took me back to my teenage years of laying on a bean bag in my grandparents’ house with little care but daydreaming.

The album screams whimsical, not in a terrible way, but in a form of escapism. Regardless, there are always nightmares in daydreams, and songs such as ‘Howling’ became grating after a while. There was nothing physically solid to grab and hold onto as the music played, and this left the listener wandering when they should have been soaring. When the lead singer claims ‘more than one is three’ I hasten to agree. Not because it is so abstract that it seems to not even make metaphorical sense, but rather the notion that when you listen to Maths and Moon, you get one album, but far more than just one dream. Shame there is also a nightmare in there somewhere.

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