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Review: Mulholland - North Country

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Review: Mulholland - North Country

York based country-folk-blues duo have released their album ‘North Country’. As previously stated, the eight songs that make up this album offer a range of genres that include country, folk and blues which meld together in a seamless fashion which makes the listener believe that Mulholland have pulled this off with an air of ease.

The songs that accompany this album have topics attached to them include roots and places, relationships and getting the motivation to get a better life. The album offers a calming pace throughout and the vocals match this tone perfectly. Along with this the lyrics are ones of vivid images throughout the album, which allows the listener the same sense of calmness that the pace would give them. However, even though this album may be considered a slow paced album there is a surprise waiting at the end. The surprise comes in the form of ‘Highway 101’ when the pace changes and it becomes more of a fast paced country song. Even though there have been elements of the country genre throughout the album it can be strongly heard in this song.

The instrumentals throughout the album offers the listener a range of sounds including that of acoustic guitars, violin, harmonica and the vocals that blend perfectly together. Highlight songs of this album would include ‘Black Feathers’, ‘My Wasted Heart’ and ‘Shifting Sands’.

This duo is definitely worth a listen and support from yourself. Go and check out their social media to see what they have planned for the rest of the year since they are sure to catch many people’s attention sooner rather than later.

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