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Review: Perhaps Contraption

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Review: Perhaps Contraption

This outfit hailing from London definitely offer the listener a variety of sounds on their new album ‘Mud Belief’. Being described as a rock brass band the group collide the two genres so well that it makes the listener believe that these two genres should be experimented with more often. Usually I would comment on the pace of an album in a review but with this album it seems that this cannot be done. This should be viewed in a positive light since it shows that the group experiment with pace as well as sound. Some of the songs on this album have a slow pace to them while others speed up rapidly which means the listener is not able to get comfortable with it. This shows that the group are able to expand from what the listener is used to and get them out of their comfort zones; whatever they may be.

For the sound production, the group incorporate many instruments into this album; including, guitars, trumpets and saxophones among others. This makes for an intriguing overlap of sounds that seamlessly meld together. As well as the melding of the instruments, the voices themselves are overlapped to create a built up chorus in parts and also a fast paced succession of lyrics in other songs.

This album is one of a kind and should be one to check out. It’s not every day that you get an email about a rock brass band. If you are at all interested in groups who push the boundaries of music genres then this album should be one on your list to listen to. Highlights of this album would include ‘I Am ‘, ‘Kepler’s breakfast’ and ‘Lunch for Worms’. Check out the album ‘Mud Belief’ when it comes out on any of the streaming services available and go and follow the group on their social medias to get more details.

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