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Review: Pretty Little Enemy EP

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Review: Pretty Little Enemy EP

The new EP by the metal band Pretty Little Enemy titled ‘Bitch PLEase’ will definitely please any metal fan. However, I believe that it will also inspire people who are not into this genre to give this EP a chance. Even though this EP only spans three tracks the band does pack a lot into each song.

The songs themselves have a heavy enough sounding quality to them that allows them to fit snugly within the metal genre. Although the band makes sure of this they also add their own touches to the songs. This makes for an interesting and intriguing listen throughout with surprises along the way. Basically, the band is able to pull off the heavy metal sound with some fun twists and turns that the listener will appreciate.

The two catchiest songs on the EP, in my opinion, are ‘Myles’ and ‘What Makes You’. The second track is still a strong track but I believe the first and third songs will be crowd pleasers and will be stuck in any listeners’ heads.

‘Bitch PLEase’ will be released on Friday 3rd June. Definitely pick up a copy if you are at all interested. The only thing I would criticise? We definitely need more music from this band. I will be looking forward to seeing their developments musically in future releases.

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