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PRODUCTION TIPS: Micing acoustic guitars

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PRODUCTION TIPS: Micing acoustic guitars

Hi readers,

This week we will be looking at micing up an acoustic guitar, we have briefly looked at this back in the very first week but this time we’ll be going into it in more detail.

One of the best ways to mic up an acoustic guitar involves two cardioid microphones while one facing the sound hole and the other facing the neck.
This will allow you to capture the bass from the sound hole and the more treble like sound of the neck. The microphone facing the neck can also capture the movement of fingers; this can sometimes make the guitar sound a lot more aesthetic and real as an instrument.

Other ways include having a figure 8 microphone facing said ways on to it, with a cardioid right above it facing the guitar. This can be best utilised when trying to capture more of the rooms ambience.

Thanks for reading, let us know if you want more like this

Next week we’ll be looking at micing up strings such as violins or cellos.

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