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Production Tips: Drums

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Production Tips: Drums

Hi Readers,

Drums are probably one of the hardest instruments to get right when it comes to recording, as they have so many different factors that effect how they sound.

The most effective that I have personally found is the Glyn John technique. This involves three microphones placed in equal distance from the centre of the snare to stop the phasing effect (where sound hits the microphones at different times and cancels each other out). These three microphones can literally be placed anywhere as long as they’re an equal distance away.

On top of the Glen John technique, I like to add a few more microphones to help capture certain important elements. The first of which is the snare, one mic placed on the top and one mic placed underneath. This is because the snare sounds different above and below it so a capture of both sounds means you can create your own snare sound. I also like to put a mic in the bass drum to capture the sound of the bass. The closer to the beater you place the mic, the clicker the sound will be, while further away makes the sound much boomier.

Alternatively you can mic the kit up with a microphone on all drums (either clip on drum mics or if you have the space, individual dynamic mics) with a pair of overhead condenser mics (left and right) facing downwards towards the kit.

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