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Production Tips: Guitar Amps

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Production Tips: Guitar Amps

Hi Readers

This week we’re looking at micing up guitar amps, these are one of the easiest to mic up but can still have a skill to making them sound perfect for your recording.

The simplest way to mic an amp up is to literally throw a dynamic microphone (cardioid pattern preferred) in front of the cone inside the amp. Depending on the size of the amp, depends on the amount of cones it has, each cone can sound different so always have a little listen for which cone you prefer, most of the time I go for the top right cone.

Working from the one microphone technique, the cone can still sound different depending on where on the cone you place it. The closer to the middle you are, the more bass you hear and the smoother it sounds, going further outwards to the rim of the cone, the more harsh and abrasive it sounds so always have a little play around with what sounds best.

If you want to use more than one microphone there are still many different ways to record it. One method involves two cardioid dynamic microphones both placed right next to each other (equal distance from the amp) to really pull out all the elements within the amp you can simply start to move one so its not pointing dead onto the amplifier, this can cause a phasing effect which in some recordings can help create a completely different sound to what the amp is actually producing.

These are just two simple ways of recording an amplifier and many other ways do exist and are used to get more sounds, yet I have learned that for quick demos, the one microphone technique is usually enough.

If you would like to learn more about microphone placement for amps please let us know.


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