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PRODUCTION TIPS: Micing a piano

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PRODUCTION TIPS: Micing a piano

Hey readers,

This week we will be looking at micing up a piano. Upright and Grand pianos are both completely different and therefore the microphones are miced up differently.

Firstly, for an upright piano the best way to get a good sound from this is using a stereo pair since this also means you can mix it stereo later down the line. Condenser microphones are usually the best for this and are placed inside the piano facing the strings. A good pair of microphones for this would be the NT55s, as this can help bring a bright sound to the piano. I would place the microphones approximately three octaves apart; this is to help create space in the sound.

Grand pianos can be miced, in a similar manner, but I usually like to throw an extra microphone into the mix to help capture the sound of the body. Room microphones can also help capture the sound of the piano and can sometimes aid later in making the mix sound larger than it actually is.

Next week we will be looking into recording acoustic guitar!

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