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Production Tips: Room Mic

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Production Tips: Room Mic

Hello Readers,

Carrying on from last weeks article on recording a demo, this week I would like to expand this and talk about how to mic up the room to get a good demo recording.

Please remember though, every room is different and therefore will all sound different so some experimenting may be a good idea if you want a nice sound out of a specific room.

Setting up a room mic is one of the best ways to get a demo, usually a condenser microphone with an Omni pattern picks up everything evenly if places in the middle between each instrument (this may need a little moving say if the drummer is a lot louder than the guitarist).

Another similar way would be putting the microphone in front of the instruments and have a cardioid microphone pattern in use to capture everything in front of it only.

If a vocalist wants to put down a live vocal track while the band is playing it’s really worth giving them a separate microphone. A dynamic microphone is usually best for this as it won’t pick up the band as much but will pick up the vocalists voice if they are singing into it in a close proximity. The dynamic microphone will most likely be a cardioid too which will also help with cutting out the noise of the band

Thanks for reading

Next week I’ll cover basic micing up of guitar amplifiers.

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