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Production Tips: Demos

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Production Tips: Demos

Hi Readers,

I’m Alex and I run the production side of Mad Alice Records (a short bio of me will be available Monday).

Every Friday I will be posting a new article about production with hopes of it becoming an ongoing series.

This week I thought I would start off at the beginning process of recording a song, with demos. Demoing a track is always a handy idea as it allows the artist to throw down a rough idea or ideas into a song-like structure without finalising what the overall song will sound like or how it will be structured.

Even as a demo though, some major record labels want the best sounding recordings they can get so its worth buying some microphones and recording software (even then for demos I wouldn’t spend much unless you really want to, you can get some excellent microphones for less than £100 if you look).

Recording demos to your phone may be a good idea if you are just wanting to listen to ideas though without having to fork out money for a microphone. Just be aware that recording to a phone may cause clipping and distortion due to the microphone not being to a quality to handle loud or intense sound such as a full rock band or a drum kit. Phone recordings are best suited to quiet or acoustic demos of the song.

The most important part of demoing tracks is to try and capture the initial musical ideas for the track, this could be a guitar riff, a drum beat, chord structure or lyrics, what is important is that the parts you feel is the best part of the track are portrayed well.

Thanks for reading,

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