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Review: Sammy Kettell - Whisky & Wine

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Review: Sammy Kettell - Whisky & Wine

Exeter singer-songwriter Sammy Kettell has just released his debut EP ‘Whisky&Wine’. This EP offers an interesting range of elements from the genre itself but also seems to be able to create a unique sound as well. Even though most of the songs, apart from the fourth song, was recorded in a studio but because of the quality and the sound effects it sounds like a live album. However, funnily enough, the fourth song ‘Milkshake’ which was recorded live sounds more of a song recorded in a studio. This creates an interesting experience for the listener because at some points of the EP they may feel as if they are actually in the room listening to Kettell rather than listening to him on a device of some sort. This is because, as previously stated above, of the sound affects such as the people talking at the beginning of the EP and the seamlessly easiness it presents the listener in fading in and out of being a studio and live album throughout the EP.

Other factors of the EP that need to be explored are the lyrics and sound themselves. Although Kettell’s lyrics aren’t quite outstanding and have been used in the genre before he is able to somehow make the lyrics his own. The lyrics sit nicely side by side with the sound of Kettell’s soothing acoustic guitar riffs. The whole EP has a soothing tone to it; starting with the first song ‘Intro’ where there’s a lot of people talking but the guitar draws the listener’s attention until it fades out. The sound captures the listener’s attention throughout the EP and even though the pace changes every so often it still creates a soothing sound but still has a catchiness to the sound of it.

Overall, this debut EP from Kettell is definitely one to have a listen to. I’m very intrigued as to what Kettell will release in the future after showing off his talents on his debut EP. Hopefully there will be an album in the works soon enough. Go and support Sammy Kettell on social media and check out ‘Whisky&Wine’ on the usual streaming sites that it is available on. Kettell is definitely a singer-songwriter to keep an eye on in the next year. Highlights of the EP would include ‘Grow Old’ and ‘Out Tonight’.  

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