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Review: She Pulled The Trigger – 10,000 worlds away

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Review: She Pulled The Trigger – 10,000 worlds away

The four-piece group from Pennsylvania in the US has just released their debut five track EP. It features two of their singles ‘Dying to Shine’ and ‘Stand Up and Fight’ that have previously been released last year and showcases three new songs. This 18 minute EP offers the listener many guitar riffs and built up motivational choruses.

Going along with the motivational choruses that were made earlier, the whole EP is filled with motivational lyrics for the listener to feel motivated in wanting to do whatever it is they are doing. The whole EP is a fast paced EP but the fastest songs on it would be ‘Stand Up and Fight’ and ‘Dying to Shine’. These two songs offer the listener upbeat riffs and crowd-pleasing choruses. However, even though these two songs are crowd pleasers it doesn’t mean that the rest aren’t. The songs ‘Higher’ and ‘Living on the Edge’ would definitely work well live on stage with their catchy guitar riffs and heavy drum beats. This EP is definitely for fans of heavy rock songs with mouth watering guitar solos and with most likely the catchiest lyrics you’ll hear all year.

Overall, even though the EP only spans five songs and only showcases three new songs it packs a lot of new material into those three songs. Highlights from this EP would include ‘Stand Up and Fight’, ‘Higher’, ‘Dying to Shine’ and ‘Living on the Edge’. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this band in the future. Go and check them out and support them on their social medias.

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