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Top 5: Tracks of 2016

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Top 5: Tracks of 2016

Hi Readers,

Today is the start of another small series called Top 5 Tracks! This week Alex talks about his top 5 tracks of 2016 so far:

Number 5

Supermoon by 65daysofstatic

It’s a song from the soundtrack to an upcoming game called No Man’s Sky. I find this track really interesting in many ways, as you can already hear where it fits into the game, yet it also sounds like it could just be a standalone post-rock track with a very ambient feel to it.

Listen here:

Number 4

Lazarus by David Bowie

As a David Bowie fan, I just couldn’t leave this out, what really intrigues me about this song is the eeriness of it. Just the sheer sound and emotion within the song really carries across. On top of that, the passing away of Bowie really helped express the message portrayed in the track.

Listen here:

Number 3

Polyglot by Cameron Vale

This is a very small band which I stumbled upon not too long ago. This band is insanely talented in my opinion, they sound like a heavy rock band fused with a jazz feel and sound which is as wacky as it sounds!

Listen here:

Number 2

Where Are You Now? by Royal Blood

What I love about this track is they’ve continued their very distinctive sound yet tried to incorperate completely new elements into their tracks making it in my opinion a little more funky. You can most definitely hear they’ve taken some inspiration from The Black Keys too!

Listen here:

Number 1

And finally, my number 1 track of 2016 so far is…Wolves of winter by Biffy Clyro.

This track just oozes energy and creativity, I’ve followed Biffy closely throughout their time as a band and this song seems a complete step up from what they did with Opposites.
For one it seems completely fresh with use of things such as drum machines which is something they’ve never done. It feels like a completely new chapter in their story and I’m looking forward to the release of their whole new album in July!

Listen here:

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