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Top 5 Music related films

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Top 5 Music related films

As a top 5, this is easily one of the most difficult for me, as a lover of film and music. Trying to get this down to a condense 5 that showcased a range of aspects of musicians careers that were as unbiased as possible, although that’s probably not the case. I hope you enjoy the following top 5 and that at least one off the list you’ve not seen and one of them you agree with.

1. Whiplash

This is easily one of the most intense films I’ve ever seen. A jazz based triumph featuring Miles Teller as a jazz drummer. Who throughout the film is faced with hurdle after hurdle in an attempt to become one of the greats.

A true highlight of this film is their arrangement of Don Ellis’ classic whiplash which the film is named after (It’s definitely worth checking out the original as well as the track soaring by Ellis)


2. It might get loud

What happens when you put three guitar gods within one room and get them to talk about their influences and how they came to be? That’s almost It might get loud in a nutshell; featuring Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), The Edge (U2) and Jack White (The White Stripes).

It’s great to hear how these musicians started their careers, and how they’ve progressed from being in skiffle bands or bad cover bands to being true icons of their crafts.


3. Sonic Highways

Although this is technically a series, it is a great piece of filmography. It’s a documentary by drum god Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) on how they recorded their most recent album Sonic Highways.

It follows them across the country as they interview and record a single song within each city, with the catch of being in a new studio setting each time. So it not only explores the sound of that city and the famous faces that became stars there, it also supports the studios that made that sound possible.


4. Love and Mercy

An exploration of Pet sounds and its creation through a haze of mental turmoil and therapeutically induced trauma. This is a film that covers some of the greatest songs by the beach boys as it follows Brian Wilson through writing the iconic pet sounds whilst the rest of the beach boys tour their previous works. It truly is a masterpiece of cinematography that captures the madness that enthralled those sessions.


5. Walk the Line

Before watching this film, the man in black wasn’t something I was aware of. Growing up on Rock and Jazz, the influences after the fact as so obvious from the Man himself Johnny Cash. This film is a fully fledged Biopic following a large portion of Cash’s life with many a guest appearance from some musicians further up the list.

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