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Introducing: Aidan - Managing Partner

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Introducing: Aidan - Managing Partner

What’s your name and job role?

Aidan Laycock – Managing Partner

What does Mad Alice Records mean to you?

Mad Alice Records to me is a chance to support the local music scene. Although that is currently York, we do have bigger aims to bring that sense of community to more than just York. It is also a chance to support the countless number of bands that we know, in making it big, as we know how hard they’ve worked to get where they are.

What do you think Mad Alice Records can bring to the music business?

I think that as a company we can bring a huge range of things to the music industry and in particular to the York music scene. As we strive to offer a full service for every artist that we work with. From helping them produce their next body of work to helping with their marketing and social media. We find that once we work with an artist they become part of the Mad Alice family.

And finally, what music would you say you’re into?

Absolutely everything, that’s why Alex Fisher (Business Partner) and I decided to pursue a Non-Genre specific label, as although there may be some music that we don’t love initially, we endeavour to challenge ourselves to supporting all of the musicians that we can.

Although if I had to answer directly then it would be jazz and rock, because as a musician those are my two go to genres, whether it’s to get work done or to relax after a hard day at the office!

Aidan Laycock

Managing Partner

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Mad Alice Records is an Independent record label that strives to support local artists and talent. We pride ourselves on being a Non-genre specific label, and aim to meet the needs of all artists. We offer a range of services, from recording and production to management and branding.