EP Review: Matt Dunbar - This Room Burns Bright

Rachel Colley / 30-01-2019

EP Review: Matt Dunbar - This Room Burns Bright

  • Rachel Colley
  • 30-01-2019

Matt Dunbar has released a six track EP that is filled to the brim with acoustic folk inspired songs. Even though this genre is tagged onto the EP, the melodies in these songs offer more than that and are quite experimental. One of the main aspects of this EP that I loved listening to, was the complex lyrics woven throughout, that are mature in the terms of the subjects discussed such as growing old and meeting expectations.

The whole EP itself is a delight to listen to and the highlights of it are ‘Drive’ and ‘Noah’. These two tracks showcase the talent that Dunbar has with instrumentation and lyric writing. One of the best aspects about these lyrics is the narrative storytelling and the nostalgic feeling throughout, discussing how things used to be and what his childhood was like. It’s definitely a wistful EP and covers a lot of topics that many people would find accessible to listen to.

Although people may not be a fan of folk music, this EP could spark some interest in the genre. Dunbar makes the instrumentals versatile in that they don’t necessarily sound like folk instrumentals. They have elements of folk dotted throughout, but it sounds more like it’s verging on the side of a pop folk EP, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it will allow more people become interested in the genre. Dunbar has been able to cleverly keep the folk elements within the EP with the instrumentals and lyrics, but has also been able to make it an accessible listen for those new to the genre.

Overall, this EP was enjoyable and I will be interested in following Dunbar’s progress in future records. I believe that he has the ability to experiment even more in the future, and create some really interesting sounds. If you want an EP that is filled with nostalgia and soothing instrumentals then you should definitely give this EP a listen. Make sure to follow Matt Dunbar on social media if you want to be kept in the know with what this musician will create next – you won’t want to miss it.


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