Review of Jack Parker’s Music Video - Wild

Bethany Gray / 07-02-2018

Review of Jack Parker’s Music Video - Wild

  • Bethany Gray
  • 07-02-2018

Wet noses and wagging tails are probably not what you would immediately expect from Jack Parker’s latest single ‘Wild’. However, ten seconds into this dog-donned music video and you realise it’s exactly what you need. Set upon the backdrop of Flamborough Head, close to Jack’s sea-side home of Bridlington, the video perfectly portrays the rugged, yet gentle performance of Jack’s vocals. As Jack sings about New York and the ‘moonlit skies of Amsterdam’, it’s the clarity of the taunting cliffs belonging to the ‘weathered coastal town’ that envelopes the senses. The features becoming a marker of the rooted essence which lies at the core of Jack’s single. Authenticity is what tugs at the heart-strings on this refreshing, yet emotionally driven song.

The folky spirit of the single lies hand-in-hand with the almost comical canine action that occurs throughout the music video. The puppy playground offers a satirical glance at the notion of being ‘wild’, whilst becoming reminiscent of the familiar delight of childhood simplicity. The feeling of youth therefore resonates throughout the song; exploring the paradox in which looking at dogs brings out the most benevolent part of being human. In other words, the video offers us a chance to -paws- and reflect.

Ultimately, the simplicity of the video is what reflects the whole-heartedness of Jack’s performance. The focus rests entirely on the innovative, yet down-to-earth style in which he offers; never drawing too much attention away from the eloquent lyrics.

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