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Review: Cute Cute Death – Vessels

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Review: Cute Cute Death – Vessels

This five-piece progressive post-hardcore band from Kingston Upon Thames are set to release their debut album ‘Vessels’. You can already stream their single ‘Vessels’ on Itunes and Spotify which I definitely recommend you go and check out. I had the pleasure of being able to listen to the album prior to its release.

The album itself is filled to the brim with aggressive sounding guitar riffs and heavy drum beats. Some tracks on this album stand out including ‘Vessels’, ‘Statues’ and ‘Leave this City’. There’s definitely variety on this record when it comes to the vocals. One minute the vocals are angry and aggressive and the next minute the tone change to an almost soothing and calm sound, especially in the track ‘Statues’.

Generally, this record is a fast paced record with very few slow songs. However, even though this is the case, there are still catchy vocals that will no doubt go down well with the crowds. I’m sure the lyrics will get you singing along too.

The album itself has ten original songs with a radio edit version of the single ‘Vessels’. I believe that the band did well with the number of tracks on the album; it’s not too long and not too short. This album spreads itself out evenly and is an enjoyable listen from start to finish.

If you are going to pick up a new album in the next couple of months then I would suggest waiting for Cute Cute Death’s ‘Vessels’ album which is out on May 13th. If you’re looking for a new progressive post-hardcore band to follow then these guys are definitely ones to keep your eye on. I am going to be following them on their social media since I am now interested in seeing how they develop and look forward to hearing more from them. Definitely one to watch.   


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