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Review: Falling Under

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Review: Falling Under

Falling Under are a four-piece Alternative Rock and Punk band hailing from Newport, South Wales. The track ‘Gasoline’ starts off with crystal clear and catchy guitar riffs that follow through the whole of this track. There’s an overlapping of guitars before the beat of the song kicks in. It isn’t for a while until the vocals start up but it does work for this song.

The lyrics themselves are those to use at shows since that’s where they will be the most effective. The background vocals add to this theory since they are definitely crowd-pleasing vocals and it would be great to see this theory put to action.

Along with the catchy lyrics, the song offers the listener a range of guitar riffs to choose from. From the opening riffs to the guitar solos that escalate in the middle of the song, this song definitely gives the listener a choice of melodies throughout this track.

If this band at all interests you then check out their social media and Soundcloud, which is where you can hear the song ‘Gasoline’, and show your support. I’d like to thank the boys from Falling Under for coming forwards and asking for a review from us. If any other bands are interested in anything this company has to offer then please don’t hesitate to contact us, our email is on the home page, and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP. Hope you enjoyed this track review and thanks again to Falling Under for reaching out to us.

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