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Review: Lucas Hardy – Melody

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Review: Lucas Hardy – Melody

I’ve had the pleasure of following Lucas Hardy and seeing him develop as a musician throughout the years. I used to follow the pop punk band that he was involved in called The City Calls until they broke up. Then it was on to the two-piece Modern Honesty and now a few years later singer-songwriter. It’s an honour to be able to work with Hardy after seeing the development that this musician has gone through and knowing how much potential he still has.

‘Melody’ starts off with some gentle and calming guitar riffs, which continue throughout the whole song. However, a drumbeat does develop into the song, which helps keep the pace. Along with Hardy’s vocals this song becomes a soothing sound to the ears.

The lyrics themselves are ones of an uplifting and motivational nature. Definitely a song to listen to when you need that boost to your day. I feel that Hardy has developed throughout the years with his song writing and ‘Melody’ is an example of this. With story-like lyrics entwined with the uplifting messages that I mentioned earlier, this song would take the listener on a journey throughout the song.

‘Melody’ is definitely a song you should go and check out. It is out now on both Itunes and Spotify. I hope you go and support a great artist and enjoy the music just as much as I did.


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