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Weekly Update: Competition Time

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Weekly Update: Competition Time

As we’ve seen a great response from our social media streams and from artists all over the globe, we want to launch a set of new ventures as a company. This is to help us build our social media but also to offer something back to those that have supported us so far!

So we’re looking to run a few really simple competitions across our Facebook and Twitter pages.

The first one is for the 101st like, the person that gives us our 101st like on Facebook will get the opportunity for a photo shoot for a band of their choosing. Ideally a band that they’re in, or a small local band that they know and is accessible for us.

This will include a photographer from our company to come and take photos at one of their upcoming events. Then they will provide the band with a range of photos that they can use within their promotional material.

We’re looking to run similar campaigns, from free singles to music videos in the future, but if you have any great ideas and you already like/follow us then drop us a message and we’ll see what we can do.

Aidan – Managing Partner

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Mad Alice Records is an Independent record label that strives to support local artists and talent. We pride ourselves on being a Non-genre specific label, and aim to meet the needs of all artists. We offer a range of services, from recording and production to management and branding.