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Weekly Update #2

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Weekly Update #2

Although the title suggests that these articles should be every week, I’ve found that as we’ve started to gather some serious momentum that the time has eluded me. So here is the next update, which will probably just be published when we have some bigger news! So let’s get into it.

We now have some permanent office space, and are able to move the label out of various café’s and public meeting spaces. As we’ve secured space within the Hiscox Business club, meaning that we’re now situated within the shiniest of office spaces within York (Seriously check out the link above and you’ll see what I mean – Spoiler, there is a rocket IN the building). This means that all of our business related operations will be based there.

We are also undergoing a slight rebrand of the company and this primarily is going to be the website. This will enable us to facilitate a larger amount of content as well as to streamline the entire process, as we will be looking to get more people on board going forward. So if you like writing then do drop us a message or an email. It will also include a slight logo update to modernise us a little and hopefully future proof our brand.

And last but definitely not least, we ran a competition a few weeks back for the 101st Facebook like. This was won by Cooper Blood Band (Check out their Band Camp Page) who are based within Barnsley so we’re hoping to work with them going forward!

Keep an eye out on our website and social media for more info and competitions coming up and hopefully some more regular updates from myself.

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Mad Alice Records is an Independent record label that strives to support local artists and talent. We pride ourselves on being a Non-genre specific label, and aim to meet the needs of all artists. We offer a range of services, from recording and production to management and branding.