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Update: Writers, Videos and Opportunities

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Update: Writers, Videos and Opportunities

Weekly Update

So we’ve had a bit of a hectic week in the office, from getting even more new staff members to starting some new ventures.

We are just in the process of planning our first few sets of video series’ which are aimed to inform you on some of the inner workings of the company and what we can do for you. As well as some videos of performances of local acts. And here is the call for musicians that are interested, drop us an email at so that we can put your name down. As the plan is to do some acoustic sets and film them by our team so that you can use them to get more gigs, they will also be free!

We are also now settled properly into our new office space, which easily has some of the greatest views of the city. Follow us on Instagram to see more pictures from our space as well as some from our upcoming projects.

And as mentioned earlier we also have even more staff members. The Mad Alice team has been joined by another writer who will work with us to provide even more content for our site and social media platforms. Her name is Zoe, so keep an eye out for her name on our site and posts. She will be posting an introduction post tomorrow so make sure you read it and give her some support.

We’re also starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for our new website. So hopefully by the end of the week, earlier if we can, we will have a new updated site, which will make it easier for you to read our posts and to see our other portfolios of work and connect with us in new and exciting ways.

So don’t forget to follow us on one or all of our many social media outlets, from Facebook, Twitter to Instagram. And drop us an email if you’re interesting in getting some of your songs filmed as part of our upcoming series.

Thanks for reading, Aidan.

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Mad Alice Records is an Independent record label that strives to support local artists and talent. We pride ourselves on being a Non-genre specific label, and aim to meet the needs of all artists. We offer a range of services, from recording and production to management and branding.